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Ambrosia Ambrosia
Submitted by: Admin on 06/26/2007 624 views
2.57 avg rating
76 votes
This simple dessert makes a colorful, light ending to top off a heavy meal. It is a good way to end a bountiful holiday dinner and is a great favorite in the South for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.
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Pineapple Creme Dessert Pineapple Creme Dessert
Submitted by: Admin on 06/26/2007 658 views
2.45 avg rating
49 votes
This elegant, yet simple-to-prepare dessert, brings together ingredients commonly available in most well-stocked kitchens.
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Creamy Rice Pudding Creamy Rice Pudding
Submitted by: Admin on 06/29/2007 635 views
2.66 avg rating
71 votes
Desserts can supply valuable nutrition and still be delicious. Creamy rice pudding, which costs pennies to make, is a good example.
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Apple Oatmeal Dessert Apple Oatmeal Dessert
Submitted by: Admin on 06/29/2007 564 views
2.97 avg rating
59 votes
For a delicious ending to a meal, serve this luscious dessert warm with a scoop of maple walnut or vanilla ice cream.
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Apple Kuchen Apple Kuchen
Submitted by: Admin on 06/29/2007 922 views
3.02 avg rating
66 votes
As if by magic, this cake creates its own beautiful picture as it bakes.
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Creamy Peaches and Rice Creamy Peaches and Rice
Submitted by: Admin on 06/30/2007 638 views
2.55 avg rating
58 votes
Quickly prepared, this dish featuring canned peaches are rice is made into something special with the addition of spices.
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Pots de Creme Pots de Creme
Submitted by: Admin on 10/30/2007 689 views
2.68 avg rating
71 votes
Basically, Pots de Creme is a rich vanilla custard, even though it is often thought of as being chocolate flavored.
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Apple Pandowdy Apple Pandowdy
Submitted by: Admin on 02/01/2008 751 views
2.74 avg rating
87 votes
An old-time dessert such as this is just as delicious today.
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Creamy Peanut Butter Pie Creamy Peanut Butter Pie
Submitted by: rubydavis88 (Ruby Davis) on 08/06/2012 957 views
2.83 avg rating
59 votes
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Fruit Filled Tortilla Roll Ups Fruit Filled Tortilla Roll Ups
Submitted by: dehelsel (David Helsel) on 08/08/2012 3404 views
2.86 avg rating
177 votes
A quick and easy desert that is easier than pie.
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