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Chicken Tortillas Chicken Tortillas
Submitted by: Admin on 06/29/2007 588 views
2.85 avg rating
52 votes
The flavor of this dish is definitely south-of-the-Border.
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Eggs Fu Young (Chinese) Eggs Fu Young (Chinese)
Submitted by: Admin on 06/29/2007 487 views
2.98 avg rating
45 votes
This may be a dish you order in Chinese restaurants but never tried to prepare at home. It's actually very easy to make.
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Short-Cut Spring Rolls (Chinese) Short-Cut Spring Rolls (Chinese)
Submitted by: Admin on 06/29/2007 507 views
2.90 avg rating
48 votes
Oriental-style cooking can be tedious, but pre-preparation is cut to a minimum if you use packaged frozen Chinese-style vegetables.
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Duckling with Orange Sauce (French) Duckling with Orange Sauce (French)
Submitted by: Admin on 06/29/2007 429 views
2.88 avg rating
48 votes
This French dish makes an elegant meal for a small group.
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Coq au Vin (French) Coq au Vin (French)
Submitted by: Admin on 06/29/2007 557 views
2.92 avg rating
61 votes
This is one of the most favorite of all chicken dishes.
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Caldo Gallego (Spanish) Caldo Gallego (Spanish)
Submitted by: Admin on 06/29/2007 562 views
3.04 avg rating
47 votes
Caldo Gallego is a hearty stew-like soup from northern Spain. It is a rich and flavorful blend of white beans, ham, Spanish sausage, potatoes and greens.
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Crispy Taco Turnovers Crispy Taco Turnovers
Submitted by: Admin on 08/09/2007 544 views
2.92 avg rating
49 votes
A spicy ground beef taco filling and shredded cheese form the stuffing for wheat flour tortillas that are fried until golden.
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Swedish Apple Bread Pudding Swedish Apple Bread Pudding
Submitted by: Admin on 09/13/2007 574 views
2.74 avg rating
69 votes
Bread puddings are a favorite home-style dessert in many countries. This is the Swedish version.
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